The Agreement Is Due

A full Internet search found these results: Wyniki : 49123. Pasujących: 2. Czas odpowiedzi: 315 ms. The record date is 15 (fifteen) calendar days before the due date. Requests to change the requirements or specifications contained therein must be made in writing (e-mail, fax, letter) and received by H-GAC no later than fifteen (15) calendar days before the response due date. Contract is due on is the most popular phrase on the Internet. If the custodial letter of credit for the bid loan is issued by a foreign supplier on behalf of a bidder in Taiwan, the name of the bidder must be clearly indicated in the standby accreditation and in the fax or email. The letter of custody is valid for at least two (2) months after the due date of the offer. If a due date falls to a day other than a working day, the payment to be made on that due date shall be made on the next working day immediately, unless that due date is for the amount of the repayment, in which case the payment to be made on that due date shall be made on the working day immediately preceding it. Tłumaczenie trwa dłużej niż zwykle. Zaczekaj albo kliknij tutaj, aby otworzyć tłumaczenie w nowym oknie. Today, more than 1001 people have had their English checked. Each bidder shall request its issuing bank, at its own expense, to communicate to Taipower, by fax or e-mail, the standby accreditation number, the tender number, the amount of the bid loan deposited, the name of the applicant L/C, the name of the advisory bank and the name of the confirmation bank before the expiry date of the tender.

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