Third Party Portal Agreement

13. Dispute Resolution. The parties agree that any dispute between The Customer and the Company in connection with this Agreement or in the event of failure of negotiations and other discussions shall be submitted to mediation in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Mediation Rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) prior to resorting to arbitration. The parties undertake to mediate in good faith and to make appropriate efforts to resolve disputes through mediation. The failure or refusal of one of the parties to act as a mediator shall not affect subsequent arbitration. The parties agree to proceed with arbitration in Houston, Texas, or another mutually agreed venue. 3.4.1 use the Services without our prior written consent, or attempt to use them or to allow a third party to provide a data processing service to third parties, or on the other hand, or any other restriction provided for in this Agreement, provided that nothing in this sub-clause prevents your accountant from using the Services to process your data; Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, neither the company nor the customer are obliged to settle disputes between parties arising out of or in connection with a claim asserted by a third party against either party, unless the third party (one or more) agrees to join the arbitration and cannot be compelled: to join him. 4.2.2 it is a breach of security in which we reasonably believe it is necessary to suspend the Services in order to protect your network or a third party network; You acknowledge that we may only be a distributor and not a publisher of content on this portal and that our editorial control may be limited to the choice of materials to be made available. If the information provided contains opinions or judgments of third parties, we do not purport to endorse the content of such opinion or advice, or the accuracy or reliability of such opinion or advice. To the extent that you use Facebook products as developers of software or content on portals, you acknowledge and agree that our agreements with you as a developer supplement these portal terms and Facebook`s terms of use as well as, where applicable, the commercial terms of use of the portal and apply to the extent of a contradiction between these agreements. on the one hand, and these portal conditions, facebook`s terms of use and/or the portal`s commercial terms of use, on the other hand. .

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