Stamp Duty On Service Agreement In Tamil Nadu

In the event of a real shortage or unavailability of stamps, the State of Tamil Nadu offers the possibility of paying stamp duty through cash or D.D. or Challan Treasury. The instrument can be written on a simple paper and submitted for recording. The Sub-Registrar levies the stamp duty in cash/D.D. by adding and registering a certificate. The D.D. should be drawn in favour of the sub-registrar concerned. The Indian Stamp Act of 1899 currently regulates stamp duty in all states that do not have their own stamp law, but each state can impose its own stamp duty rate, so it varies in each state. This tax is collected and held by the states concerned. Documents that should not be registered but must pay stamp duty Stamp duty and registration fees remain the same for men, women and common buyers in Tamil Nadu. You can pay stamp duty either from the registrar`s office or sub-registrar, or use the electronic stamp installation. You are therefore asked to purchase your stamp paper only from the licensed stamp sellers or to pay the electronic stamp tax in the areas mentioned here. Sub-Registrars, Treasuries and Assistant Superintendent of Stamps, Chennai also sell stamp papers.

You can also get stamp papers through If you need to create a legal document, you can create it online with and decide on the home delivery of it in which the document is printed on stamp paper and delivered to your front door. If you have already written your document, you can choose our “Print with stamp paper” service, in which your project will be printed on buffer paper and delivered to you. The physical transfer of ownership is not considered valid in the eyes of the law. To validate such a real estate transaction, the buyer must pay stamp duty, as proof of the purchase has been provided. Stamp duty is therefore the tax paid by the state at the time of the real estate transaction and has the transfer certificate properly kept in court. This may seem like a big problem, but you can now use online rental services. LegalDesk offers a ready-to-use, verified online rental contract. You can use it to create a chord in minutes. The state of Tamil Nadu is in the process of obtaining its own Stamp Act, according to other countries such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka and Rajasthan. The Tamil Nadu Stamp Bill, 2013, is the bill passed by the Tamil Nadu State Legislature, whose passage is subject to the approval of the President (stamp duty is part of the simultaneous list, the approval of the president is essential).

Pending the passage of the Act, the Indian Stamp Act of 1899, as amended in 2013, will apply.

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