Slack Gdpr Agreement

In order to ensure compliance with EU/US data law, our agreement with is based on the standard contractual clauses established by the EU and on a data processing agreement in accordance with the RGPD. Slack offers a computer addendum that complements the customer`s terms of use or a master subscription contract. This addendum reflects our requirements as a customer data processor. Please have this agreement enforced by an authorized person on the link below. However, even if the messages contain your personal data, it also depends on whether the messages are covered by Article 17 of the DSGvo, which imposes on them the right to delete them to several limits. We offer data processing agreements for our customers who operate in the EU. Our COMMISSION DATA Statement provides contractual terms that meet the requirements of the RGPD and reflect our data protection and security obligations to our customers. Please contact our DPO for an example or a signed copy (coordinated above). At Slack, we are committed to ensuring the security and protection of your data. That is why we are happy to stick to the RGPD.

If you have questions about your rights under the RGPD as a user or how Slack can help you achieve compliance as a customer, we hope you find us on Please also visit our Trust Center to learn more about our data protection, security and compliance programs. In addition, something we have already discussed in the RGPD launch package, standard contractual clauses are made available to facilitate adequacy and security requirements for those operating in the EU. For this reason, Slack has a “legitimate interest” in keeping the activity in its channels – yes, even if it comes from users who want to be forgotten. If you`re wondering how Slack still meets RGPD standards, the answer is anonymity. Although users` messages continue to live, no one will know where they come from. Slack makes sure it is deleted: Our customer support system and emails are provided by Zendesk. Customer email addresses are displayed in Zendesk with all discussions between the customer and us. We are updating this list before a new subprocessor is launched. For changes to be updated via email, click the “Follow” button above in this article. The updated requirements of the RGPD are important and our global team has adapted Slack`s product offerings, operations and contractual obligations to help our customers comply with regulations. Among the measures implemented by Slack (which processes data on behalf of our client) are: .

As a MailClark user, the RGPD gives you new rights and better access to your data. Please contact Alban Derrien, our data protection representative by email, for any questions or requests. Our relationship with Cloudflare is subject to its terms of use and an EU data processing agreement in accordance with the RGPD. If you would like to learn more about Slack`s security policies and procedures, please visit our security page. It contains detailed information on how we deal with security and contains a white paper on how Slack ensures, among other things, user data security, including our technical and organizational measures (TOMs) and encryption standards. Not quite, because the information you send via an insufficiently secure application/tool or network is at risk. . For users who access the data, Slack does a great job and provides tools to retrieve personal data on demand (and the workspace configuration center to contact the administrator for this purpose) as well as the profile-setting tool.

The key to a good data protection program is to be meticulous and follow the next steps. However, we must not forget that organizations change We use Slack primarily for internal electronic communications. It is quite possible that these discussions may sometimes involve clients and certain situations in which they need help, and data is shared in this regard. RGPD or r

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