Internship Agreement Unimi

If you are looking for an internship opportunity in Italy, you might come across the term “Internship Agreement UNIMI,” which stands for Internship Agreement of the University of Milan or “Convenzione di Tirocinio UNIMI” in Italian. But what is this agreement, and why is it important for your internship?

An Internship Agreement UNIMI is a legal document that establishes the terms and conditions of your internship between you as an intern, your host organization, and the University of Milan. This agreement is necessary to ensure that your internship complies with the academic guidelines and regulations of the university and provides you with a valuable learning experience.

To obtain an Internship Agreement UNIMI, you must follow these steps:

1. Find an internship opportunity

Firstly, you need to find an internship opportunity that meets your academic requirements and interests. You can search for internships on the UNIMI website, career offices, job portals, or through personal contacts. Keep in mind that the host organization must be approved by the university and have a valid VAT number.

2. Contact your academic tutor

Once you have found an internship opportunity, you need to contact your academic tutor, who will guide you through the process and assess whether the internship meets the academic standards and objectives of your degree program.

3. Submit the Internship Agreement UNIMI form

After obtaining approval from your academic tutor, you need to fill out the Internship Agreement UNIMI form, which includes your personal details, the host organization`s information, and the internship duration and tasks. You must also attach a copy of your CV, academic transcript, and ID.

4. Sign the agreement

After filling out the form, the host organization and the university will review and sign the Internship Agreement UNIMI. The agreement outlines your rights and obligations as an intern, the host organization`s responsibilities, and the university`s supervision and evaluation.

5. Register the internship

Once the agreement is signed, you need to register the internship with the university`s academic office and pay a small fee. The registration process is crucial to ensure that your internship is recognized as a valid academic activity and counts towards your degree requirements.

In conclusion, an Internship Agreement UNIMI is a crucial document that protects your rights and ensures the academic quality of your internship. By following the above steps, you can secure an internship opportunity that aligns with your academic goals and provides you with valuable professional experience.

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