Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Reddit

I have a service center 30 km away. In some places, The Home Depot may be a service center. I`d be sure you have a place nearby. Once the registration is registered, you should obtain confirmation from Ridgid of your LSA program. If you already have a problem with your power tool, you can either email it or drop it off at your authorized Ridgid service center. There was a short period of time, maybe 10 years ago, when all the guaranteed coverage was reduced to 3 years or less, but the lifetime warranty was reduced, perhaps in just one year. Ridgid lifetime warranty is not home depot by Ridgid. They usually require that you have registered your product to qualify for the lifetime warranty. I suggest you google Ridgid customer service and ask them what they would need if you haven`t signed up.

It seems that when you save the tool within 90 days and bully in the forms, including the original receipt (you keep a copy). However, the following link indicates that the lifetime warranty is not a warranty, as it is called a “lifetime service contract”. Unless people here think ridgid is that company that guarantees everything you throw at them, but then again, it`s not a guarantee Here`s the link to a better deal: www.bbb.org/us/oh/elyria/profile/hand-tools/ridgid-0312-28002165 you had to register it at ridgid dot com when you got it. So don`t expect to go to the service center the same day with a new battery. I don`t need my rigidity as a primary drill, so it wasn`t a big deal for me.

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