Vattenfall Power Purchase Agreement

Vattenfall and Power-Air Solutions, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have signed a 10-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). Renewable electricity and electricity come from a new solar farm built by the customer in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in mid-2021. The facility will have an installed capacity of 60 megawatts (MW). Vattenfall has signed a long-term contract to sell renewable electricity from the new Zeewolde wind farm in the Netherlands. By the end of 2021, 220 existing wind turbines will be replaced by 91 larger and more powerful turbines, which will produce more than 850 GWh per year. This is the largest onshore wind project in the Netherlands. Under the agreement, Vattenfall will purchase electricity from 83 of the new turbines with an installed capacity of more than 300 MW. This is Vattenfall`s largest ever sales contract for renewable energy and Vattenfall has signed a sales contract for a photovoltaic (PV) wind farm to be built in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, as announced on Thursday by the public supplier. The plant is expected to be commissioned in the middle of next year. Vattenfall and Skandia are jointly investing nearly two billion Swedish kronor in the construction of four wind farms in Sweden with a total capacity of 141 MW. The farms are managed by a joint venture.

This is the first time that a Swedish pension company has directly financed the construction of new wind capacity in Sweden, and cooperation is accelerating the development of a sustainable energy system. Vattenfall invests in renewable energy and joint investment with Skandia will accelerate development in Sweden. This is a good thing for our respective customers: “We are very pleased to accelerate the growing market for long-term electricity supply contracts for industrial customers in Germany with this agreement,” said Christine Lauber, Director of Sales and Origination at Vattenfall. “Vattenfall`s goal is to allow fossil life in a generation. It also means helping our clients achieve their sustainable development goals. As part of the agreement, electricity will be sold in a targeted manner to Power-Air Solutions, Telekom`s German subsidiary, which specializes in IT infrastructure maintenance. Tags: largescale2020, lss2020, europe, germany, corporate ppa, corporate ppas, solar ppas, solar ppas, vattenfall, Deutsche Telekom Power Purchase Agreements, PPAs, are a growing focus for the renewable energy industry. But what is an AAE and what are the chances? Hanno Mieth of Vattenfall Trading gives an overview. Vattenfall has signed a 10-year electricity supply contract with the British beverage and consumer goods company AG Barr. Under the Business Sale Agreement (CPPA), Vattenfall will import 100% renewable electricity at all AG Barr sites in the UK.

Vattenfall will supply AG Barr, a manufacturer of major soft drink brands such as IRN-BRU and Rubicon, with 22 GWh of electricity per year from Vattenfall wind farms in the UK, or 6,000 UK households per year. Danielle Lane, director of country at Vattenfall UK, said: “Our goal is to live live live fossil vattenfall and Aquila Capital, based in Germany, have signed 15-year wind energy contracts and compensation for the Kréktorpet wind farm (163 MW) in northern Welding. This long-term power purchase contract (AAE) will allow Vattenfall to purchase and manage the production of the Kréktorpet wind farm under construction.

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