Agreement Sewa Beli Kereta

So everything that is done by the seller is true or false?while c buyer still has rights to the vehicle mentioned?dmNa c the buyer has suddenly bought the vehicle over the last 1 year2 c the seller has a problem taking the trsb vehicle! Jdi nk pn clarify what to do c buyer c c seller? Question 1:c the buyer`s right to c the seller if c the seller cheated when the letter of the agreement is incomplete and 1 year later c the seller takes the vehicle in question sdgkn c the buyer is responsible to the bank, but at the same msa c the seller withdraw tnpa pngethuan c buyer. jdi question, what is the buyer`s answer to the clear seller if the buyer does not pay more than 2 months per month, what can the seller do? 4.SI THE MENSUEL PAYMENT OF THE VOITURE IS LATE, I MUST PAY PROMISE WITH SEVEN (7) DAYS OF THE DUE DATE, WHAT IS ALL 8 DAYS OF the MONTH. I used to hire rm500/, but now it`s up to you. (HRD) (NORHAYATI BINTI ABUDOLLAH) (FATIN NADIA BINTI ZAINAL) If you have a simple deal for cooperation two people open a snack bar like? thnx Dr No.My personal account:Name; 63050-10029-45997. This note has been removed from the blog administrator. 5.SI THE PAYMENT CAR IS DUE UP TO TWO (2) MONTHS, THE CAR OWNER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RECOVER THE VEHICLE WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ARREARS. ALERT: ALL ROAD ALERTS TO THE POLICE OR WITH JPJ (JAB. ROAD TRANSPORT). IT`S WORN BY THE TENANT.

1.6cc (B.LINE) proton PERSONA CAR HIRE AGREEMENT. THE AGREEMENT IS DUE TO BE CONCLUDED IN MAY RENEWED ANNUALLY. Advice fee paid only RM 500. E-mail THE POLICE OU JPJ OR THE LIKE, I AM SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CAR/OFFENCE. Assalamualaikum Dr, I would ask you to pay the method of connection with the loan section………….. What`s this empty place? One more question, the commissioner`s swearing-in, isn`t it? Can be able to connect Bayr Superbike. 3.IN TERMS OF CAR PAYMENT TO THE BANK, I ALSO GIVE TO THE PROP, IN MOHD ARSH TO PAY THE BANK EVERY MONTH, AND INCLUDES MONEY TO RECOVER VEHICLES SUCH AS CONVERTING BLACK OIL, CHANGING TYRES (IF NECESSARY),OR OTHER DAMAGES. I give my account number to BSN, finishing my male name NOR AIDA BINTI TAJUDIN, I/C 811001 -14-6300,AGREE TO CONTINUE PAYMENT OF PROTON PERSONA TYPE VEHICLE 1.6cc (B.LINE) AS ABOVE. If THERE is A PROBLEM OF PARTIES The letter of release of the property of the purchase-lease by the owner of the lease-purchase (bank) is sold to this contract if there is a material n.A. that presents or mahakamah etc. is brought.

We can continue to pay as long as we are not the owner of the vehicle, until the full payment has been made, the vehicle belongs to the bank, the need of the bank ,,, this letter can be used ka? If there is a problem at the end of the day??? (CONNECT TO THE REWARD). 01 APRIL 2010 TYPE VEHICLE: PROTON PERSONA,(B/LINE) 1.6cc. I would like to make a letter to pay for my vehicle, please WS. 0136499618 ————————————- ————————————— 2. IN ADDITION TO THE EVENT OF THEFT, BREACH OR RELATED TO A SUMMONS WHICH I KNOW OR DO NOT KNOW IS MY RESPONSIBILITY. OFFENCE RELATING TO THE COURT FROM THE DATE I TOOK THE CAR UNDER MY SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. Dr. in this section, I do not understand “RELEASE LETTER after the completion of the payment, until there is no balance and arrears of ………………… ». Why is it empty? Please explain Dr.


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