Acuerdo De Estudios Learning Agreement

Click on the word here on the Personal Domain under Study Agreement page. With exceptional character, you can include subjects from the other discipline if the target university allows you to do so. Keep in mind that mobility is due to the degree with which you have obtained the place and that, therefore, the destination university is not obliged to offer subjects from another field of study. On the screen displayed, you can check the status of the agreement: the storage agreement. In addition, you can check the language and the same as what is needed in the inter-institutional agreement, which is displayed by default. If such an institutional agreement has other languages or other possible languages, you can change them into one of them. You must also inform the start and end dates of the exchange and, if you know it and if you are not informed by default, the website of the study catalogue of the destination university. Once this data is complete, press the record button. EL TAI will respond to its email based on the time frame.

Please note that your answer may take a few days depending on the time frames of the other students you teach. In order for the subjects at your destination to obtain academic recognition at the end of your stay, they must be included in the study contract approved by your UC3M International Academic Tutor (TAI) within the time frame of the study contract of this virtual secretariat. Think about your program`s credits and the maximum number of electoral and human sciences that your plan allows. Start Date: If all the themes reflected in the Excel model are approved by the IAT, it`s time to save the model`s content in the SIGMA app, never before. To record the topics, follow the study contract tutorial you have on this page. Once the location of the exchange has been assigned to you, you must sign the apprenticeship agreement by which the student and the two universities concerned identify the characteristics of the exchange.

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