Macewan Staff Association Collective Agreement

This collection consists of content that is available online and is available on the MacEwan University website. It includes websites for faculties, schools, centres, institutes and administrative services; Campus services and official online publications. If you are the owner or administrator of a MacEwan University website that you believe should be included, please contact us at MacEwan`s employee code of conduct describes the culture and values of MacEwan University employees. The code developed by our teachers and collaborators describes the ethical standards we have identified for each other and for ourselves in order to promote and preserve an environment of trust, collegiality and openness. The code of conduct applies to all staff and independent contractors. For more information about the MacEwan University Faculty Association and the services they offer to join, visit the website. This collection is a great resource for students, graduates or anyone who is currently looking for a job. For more information on the attendance of collective agreements: the collective agreement is the condition to which our members are subject in their employment. THE GMUFA is required to fully ensure and ensure the full implementation of the collective agreement.

To view the current collective agreement, please click on the link below: We offer non-university employees of MacEwan University an advertisement in the workplace. . Subject: Student Services, Aboriginal Initiatives, Centres September 2019: Letter of Understanding – Promoting Collective Bargaining and Employment Promotion on behalf of the Bargaining Unit Description: contains information on the types of student services offered by the MacEwan University Indigenous Centre, as well as events and news. Subject: Council of General Faculties, Academic Governance . MacEwans (OOS) scope employees are those who are excluded from union membership under the Public Service Employee Relations Act because of the nature of their work. Description: The academic calendar contains information on admissions, academic calendar, registration, registration, fees, programs, general guidelines and descriptions of proposed courses.

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