Cboe Participant Agreement

Stock exchange operator Cboe Global Markets has reached a definitive agreement for the acquisition of broker BIDS Trading. Some factors that could lead to differences in actual results are: the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic (“COVID-19”), including changes in overall market behaviour; Loss of our right to list and trade only certain index options and futures products; economic, political and market conditions; Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations; competition and price consolidation in our sector; Reducing the volume of trading or clearing, the cost of market data or the deferral of the assortment of products traded on our stock markets; Amending legislation or changing regulations our ability to protect our communications systems and networks from security risks, cybersecurity, insider threats and unauthorized disclosure of confidential information; Increased competition between foreign and national authorities; our dependence and the exposure of third parties to risks; Fluctuations in exchange rates The ability of our index providers to maintain and respect the quality and integrity of their indices as part of our agreements; our ability to manage our business without infringing on the intellectual property rights of others and the costs of protecting our intellectual property rights; our ability to attract and retain qualified leaders and other staff; our ability to minimise the risks, including credit and default risks, associated with the operation of a European clearing house; our ability to account for the volume of transactions and transactions, including significant increases, without loss or loss of performance of our systems; misbehaviour of those who use our markets or products; The challenges of using open source software code our ability to meet our compliance obligations, including managing potential conflicts between our regulatory responsibility and our for-profit status; Damaging our reputation; The ability of our compliance and risk management methods to effectively monitor and manage our risks; our ability to effectively manage our growth and strategic acquisitions or alliances; Restrictions imposed by our debt obligations; our ability to maintain an investment degree rating; Loss of value of our goodman, sustainable assets, investments or intangible assets; and the accuracy of our estimates and expectations. More detailed information on factors that may affect our actual results can be found in our filings with the SEC, including our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year past December 31, 2019 and other occasional applications filed with the SEC. Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) has a diverse group of players that continue to grow. Click here for a list of some companies that are currently working on Cboe. You will find a list of all other agreements, price lists, specifications and manuals in our document library. If you would like help in the application process, please contact our sales team at [email protected] or on `44 20 7012 8906. Companies seeking market data through a vendor must sign an agreement with their selected supplier and also verify the Cboe Market Data Policy. RESTON, Va.– (BUSINESS WIRE) -Transaction Network Services (TNS) has signed a new agreement with Cboe Europe, one of the largest stock exchange operators listed on the stock exchange, for the acquisition of a supplier registered for its European stock market data. TNS has signed a new agreement with Cboe Europe, one of Europe`s largest stock exchange operators. TNS provides merchants with access to a diverse global network, connected to more than 60 exchanges worldwide and more than 2,800 participants in the financial services sector.

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