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As your camp week approaches, look for your kits to arrive in a large package. Unpack them and check all the materials! Make sure everything stays organized and easy to find during the program. You will also receive an email from your child`s coach with registration information and a calendar for the week. The camp will start each morning with an online lesson, so your child should have his equipment ready to go. After this session, it`s time to unplug and get creative! In the afternoon, your child can participate in virtual collaboration meetings to ask questions, brainstorm with friends and share their progress. If you prefer a screen-free summer, remember that all online sessions are optional and all activities can be completed offline using step-by-step activity manuals. You will find these guides at the bottom of the main shipping box. You`ll also find digital versions on the Camp Invention Connect Welcome Hub. To find a camp near you, visit our Camp Finder or for more information, visit To register for Camp Invention Connect, visit For more information on innovation exploration kits, see

LIT have the opportunity to promote team spirit among peers and young campers. By working with Camp Instructors, Leadership Interns and other LIT, students receive recognition for teamwork and the strength of collaboration to find the best solutions. Local programs are facilitated and taught by certified educators who reside and teach in the community. Each year, Camp Invention programs benefit more than 130,000 children and collaborate with 1,800 schools and districts across the country. To find a local camp or other information about the 2020 program, visit Camp Invention`s 2020 program, Elevate, is new, but one thing that hasn`t changed is the camp`s commitment to creating a safe, healthy and entertaining learning environment. In this context, Camp Invention offers young innovators a large number of programs, including traditional and personal programs. at home, but on the ground; and virtually, it brings mint concepts to life.

According to a recent study, “Who will become an inventor in America? The importance of exposure to innovation,” emphasized by Stanford University economist Raj Chetty, the early exposure to innovations and inventors with whom children can be linked, greatly increases a child`s chances of being an innovator. Camp Invention is proud to make all this and more available through its challenges as an inventor and video; Inductionee camping tours; and fun hands-on activities that allow students to accept the art of innovation. When children participate in virtual learning sessions, they have the opportunity to meet other campers in their program.

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