Agreement Returns

If no return, exchange or refund is allowed, this must be displayed in a striking way in the shop window or on the website. Please see our step-by-step guide to learn more about returns. Often, the terms and conditions contain the language of return and refund policies, as most websites use clickwrap to ensure that the user accepts the terms of use. If you entered a shipment for a delivery plan and the debtor returned the goods before booking the goods, reduce the cumulative delivery amount of the amount returned. In this case, enter a correction for the delivery plan. For more information, see Correction Management in delivery plans. Returns can be deposited at any drop-off point by printing a return label on the self-service site. After printing, attach the label to your repackaged item and drop it off at your selected removal point within 5 days. Some Apple products use wireless services that can result in additional costs and are subject to the terms of a separate agreement between you and your selected mobile operator. You can find more information from your mobile operator. Sellers can establish rules to automate returns and refunds in certain circumstances. For all new sellers, eBay can set a standard rule that automates the return process for some or all offers accepting returns. Sellers can delete or change their return settings in their account settings in My eBay.

If returns are paid so that applications are automatically accepted, a return label generated by eBay will be made available to your buyer. You agree to respect our return rules. Sellers are not obliged to accept returns, except for defective items. Apple iTunes only sells digital products. It limits reimbursement and evaluates claims as soon as they occur. This is stated in the Terms and Conditions: Customers often skip reading the terms and conditions of sale, unless they have a problem. However, almost all of your potential buyers will visit the return and refund policy of your e-commerce store page, as returns and refunds are so common when shopping online.

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